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Daily Archives: October 17, 2016

3 Ways Comparing Yourself To Others Destroy Your Happiness

There’s a quote from Theodore Roosevelt I love.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It’s totally true… but it’s hard to remember when I scroll through my Facebook feed and all my insecurities rise to the surface.  When I think of all the goals I want so badly are coming so much more easily to others.

“She’s having a second baby? Lucky!”

“How come they can afford a nicer house than ours?”

“Oh, she’s upset because her husband’s working late? Bummer.  At least she sees him more often than I see mine…”

Don’t lie – I know you’ve done it, too. I mean, if you haven’t, way to go.  But with social media, I bet more people than not have gone through the same periods of envy because everyone else seems to have it easier.