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Daily Archives: August 11, 2016

Benefits of Working On The Weekends

I’m not going to lie: one thing that can be hard as a police wife is that “normal” weekends are a thing of the past.

This is also true if you work retail, which has definitely been true for both of us before.  If you want to do anything on a Saturday or Sunday, it takes some strategic planning… but for the most part, if your husband works the weekends, it’ll just be you and the kids on your own.

I worked all through college, so most of my work hours were on the weekend, and at the time, it sucked.  I had a hard time seeing friends get to do fun things on Saturdays while I was stuck inside bagging groceries.  Even after graduation, I couldn’t get full weekends off by nature of working in a retail environment.

But that experience has paid off because by now, it’s normal to me.