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Daily Archives: June 30, 2016

How to Afford a Babysitter on a Tight Budget

Date night can be hard to organize when you have kids.  It winds up being a lot more expensive than when you were just a couple.

And is it just me, or did rates for babysitters go way up since I was a kid?  I feel like I remember something about the going rate being half minimum wage.  Now, it seems like everyone pays $10 an hour.  Which is great for the sitters, but not so great for budget-conscious parents who just need some alone time.

Especially when your husband sees terrible things on a regular basis, babysitters become expensive, because you don’t want to hire just anybody.  You want someone you can trust to keep your kids safe.  An older, more experienced, more trustworthy babysitter is going to cost a little more per hour than your average 13-year-old.

How can you afford a babysitter for date night even when money is tight?