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Daily Archives: June 23, 2016

4 Things To Know About Being a New Mom And A Police Wife

I heard this quote once that, if you want to make God laugh, all you have to do is tell him your plans.  I feel like this is doubly true when you’re married to a first responder or a member of the military.

I was due with our son in late February.  I thought for sure I’d go into labor early, because my mom and sister both had their babies between 37-39 weeks.  By the time my due date rolled around, I was getting super antsy.

Then came March.  People would ask, “When are you due?” I’d grumble back, “Last month.”  I didn’t even go to church the last few weeks because I didn’t think I could take one more person asking “Where’s the baby?”

One reason I was getting so antsy is that my husband was due to have mandatory firearms training starting the middle of March.  I wanted so badly for him to be able to take some time off with me and the baby, but that wasn’t an option with the training.  It only happened once a year, and if he missed it, because he was in his probationary period, he could risk losing his job.

At the same time, I didn’t feel right about being induced. It just didn’t feel like the right decision for me.

So, I waited.