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Daily Archives: June 16, 2016

How to Deal When a Female Partner Makes You Jealous

When my husband went to the police academy, we lived in an area about three hours away.  That meant he would leave Sunday night to drive there and stay until Thursday night, when he’d drive back.  The trip would be in a department car, and he’d be driving with the other three new recruits every week.  One of those three recruits was a woman.  I didn’t have any issue with that.  I thought, “how cool of her to join the department! I bet she’s awesome.”

When I dropped him off at the academy, however, there stood a tall, thin Blair Waldorf look-a-like with perfect hair and makeup asking my husband if he’d like to join them for dinner.  Meanwhile, I stood there, four months pregnant in clothes that fit awkwardly because I still looked like I’d just had a big lunch.  I wasn’t feeling exactly confident.