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Daily Archives: May 23, 2016

Truck Letter Templates for Heroes

In my post about why your child should write to a soldier, I said I was planning to post letter writing tips and letter templates in the following weeks.  As promised, I’ve been working on some and I’m pretty excited to share!

I’m going to start off my series of letter templates with my son’s current favorite thing: trucks. Seriously, whenever I take him outside it’s all I hear, or when he sees one in one of his books.  “Tuck! Tuck!”  It just melts my heart.

In the pack are four letter templates: one for deployed service members, one for police officers, one for firefighters, and one for emergency medical staff.  Print as many as you’d like for whichever group you’d like!

The illustrations were drawn by hand because, while I’d someday like to be good at graphic design, it’s really not my forte right now.  I do much better with pencil, pen, and paper after lots of practice in my art journal. Not to say they’re perfect by any means, but I’m pretty proud of them.