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Daily Archives: April 22, 2016

When The World Hates Your Husband

7/20/16: Wow, this post is popular lately, more than I ever imagined it would be.  When I wrote it, the war on cops was just beginning.  It was only media bias and undue scrutiny.  Now with police officers frequently being targeted specifically to be attacked, I think it’s more necessary than ever.

However, because I wrote it in a different climate, it may come off a little “fluffy” now.

The spirit of it is still accurate, but if I were writing it today, there’d certainly be more to it. I just wanted to address that for new readers.  In any case, carry on, and I hope you find the following post uplifting, especially if you’re struggling with the nasty things in the news lately. <3

If you’re looking for a post specifically to help with today’s climate, check out my newer post on the subject.

There’s a lot of bad press about cops lately.  Have you noticed?  Who am I kidding: of course you have. It’s impossible to miss.  There are countless articles that call the police power-hungry, over-militarized, trigger-happy, insensitive, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re anything like me, they strike a nerve… to say the least.  You know your husband, your friends, and your acquaintances who are in law enforcement.  You’ve shared dinners with them, they’ve played with your kids, you’ve gotten to know their families.  You know how their jobs touch their hearts, even when they have a hard time showing it.