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Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

Thin Blue Line Cake Balls

Our friend Paul is a great guy.  The Hubs doesn’t have a lot of close friends, but Paul has been a constant for over 5 years since they first met.  He’s always there for us, even across great distances.  He was at our out-of-state wedding without hesitation.  When the Hubs was faced with the prospect of losing his job, Paul drove four hours to where we lived at the time just to be with us when we found out.  It’s not like it was a fun time for anyone.  I was in shock and the Hubs was depressed, and gone a lot of the time in “meetings”. It was probably equal parts excruciatingly boring and uncomfortable for him.  Nonetheless, he stayed for a couple days to just be there for us.  And then there’s the time he pulled our car out of a ditch after a snafu with AAA, or the time he helped us get rid of a mattress.  He’s awesome… even if the Squish has a weird fear of him. Oh, well.  It won’t be long before Uncle Paul is his favorite and Mom and Dad are old news.